Malt Madness Results

August 29 2009
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450 Entries

Table 1 - Light Lagers (11 Entries)        
David Grosch Flemington,NJ Take Me To Your Liter 1D Munich Helles 1
David Barber* Kempton,PA Beer For The Masses 1B Standard American 2
David Barber* Kempton,PA Munich Helles 1 1D Munich Helles 3
Table 2 - Pilsners and Amber Lagers (15 Entries)      
David Barber* Kempton,PA German Pils 1 2A German Pilsner 1
David Grosch Flemington,NJ GB Marzen 3B Oktoberfest 2
Dave Manning/Mike Manning Berwyn ,Pa Vienna Lager 3A Vienna Lager 3
Table 3 - Dark Lagers and Bocks (11 Entries)      
Tim Caum North Wales,PA Dopplebock 5C Doppelbock 1
Steve Moen/Mike Wenzel Pequannock,NJ Doppelbock 5C Doppelbock 2
Josh Weikert Collegeville,Pa Chilly Goat Maibock 5A Maibock 3
Table 4 - American Wheat (27 Entries)        
Fred Kline Coatesville,Pa American Poolside 6D Am Wheat/Rye Beer 1
Nate Panek Ridley Park,Pa Kolsch 6C Koelsch 2
Ryan Ritter Jeffersonville,Pa Leggy Blonde 6B Blond Ale 3
Table 5 - Porters (13 Entries)        
Jeff Louella Feasterville,Pa James Brown Porter 12A Brown Porter 1
Dave Drummer* New Tripoli,Pa Porter 12A Brown Porter 2
Kevin Coy Barto,Pa Moondance 12B Robust Porter 3
Table 6 - Stouts (24 Entries)        
Joshua Bushey* Bethlehem,PA Nuitari Stout 13E American Stout 1
Ryan Ritter Jeffersonville,Pa Foreign Extra Stout 13D Foreign Extra Stout 2
Curt Keck* Allentown,Pa Steal Your Face Stout 13F Russian Imperial Stout 3
Table 7 - Scottish and Irish (11 Entries)        
Wayne Maus* Quakertown,Pa Off Kilter Scotch Ale 9E Strong Scotch Ale 1
Brett Swartz Fairport,NY Ring Of Kerry Red 9D Irish Red Ale 2
Ian Rossman/Kevin Kuchinski/Tony Pucci Doylestown,Pa Shampoo Scottish Ale 9C Scottish 80/ 3
Table 8 - Sour Ales (13 Entries)        
Tom Sup/Chris Becker* Northampton,Pa Hilltop Kreik 17F Fruit Lambic 1
Judy Parsons* Green Lane,PA Berliner Weisse 17A Berliner Weisse 2
Ryan Bach Quakertown,PA Flemish Red 17B Flanders Red 3
Table 9 - Wheat and Rye (22 Entries)        
Fred Kline Coatesville,Pa Kleinzencock 15C Weizenbock 1
Fred Kline Coatesville,Pa Delong Dunkelweizen 15B Dunkelweizen 2
Fred Kline Coatesville,Pa Hooff'S Hefe 15A  Weizen 3
Table 10 - Belgian and French (27 Entries)      
Dan Brady* Bethlehem,Pa   16C Saison 1
Josh Baran* Pottsville,Pa Witbier 16A Witbier 2
Mark Kenesky Blue Bell,Pa Witbier 16A Witbier 3
Table 11 - Belgian Specialty (26 Entries)        
Mike Manning* Allentown,Pa Belgian Barleywine 16E Belgian Specialty 1
Kristofer Kwant* Orefield,PA Puissant Brassage De La Saison 16E Belgian Specialty 2
Nate Walter Allentown,Pa Blimp 16E Belgian Specialty 3
Table 12 - Amber Hybrids (9 Entries)        
Rich Diliberto/Scott Rudich Pipersville ,Pa Woke Up With Helga 7A Northern German Altbier 1
Christian Mosebach Hatboro,PA Mosebach Amber Lager 7B California Common Beer 2
David Grosch Flemington,NJ Altstadt Alt 7 7C Dusseldorf Altbier 3
Table 13 - IPA (38 Entries)        
Mark Kenesky Blue Bell,Pa Waiting For The Wolves 14B American IPA 1
Jeremy Harris Furlong,Pa Zeus'S Thunderbolt 14B American IPA 2
Jeff Louella Feasterville,Pa Yippie IPA 14B American IPA 3
Table 14 - Meads (15 Entries)        
Bob Piano* Allentown,PA Sweet Sin 26A Metheglin 1
Tom Sup/Chris Becker* Northampton,Pa Orchard Buzz 25A Cyser 2
Tim Caum North Wales,PA Lemon Mead 25C Other Fruit Melomel 3
Table 15 - Speciality (21 Entries)        
Tim Caum North Wales,PA Imperial Pilsner 23A Specialty Beer 1
Mike Manning* Allentown,Pa Black Ice 23A Specialty Beer 2
Scott Minnich/Bob Piano* Allentown,Pa Madagascar Bourbon 23A Specialty Beer 3
Table 16 - Fruit (25 Entries)        
Brett Swartz Fairport,NY Cherry Wheat 20A Fruit Beer 1
R J Sherman Washington ,NJ Peach Wit 20A Fruit Beer 2
David Barber* Kempton,PA That's A Peach 20A Fruit Beer 3
Table 17 - Spiced Herb and Veggies (11 Entries)      
Dave Drummer* New Tripoli,Pa Coriander Pale Ale 21A Spice/Herb/Veg Beer 1
Dave Drummer* New Tripoli,Pa GBW 21A Spice/Herb/Veg Beer 2
Dan Schreffler Dunmore,Pa Blackberry Stout 21A Spice/Herb/Veg Beer 3
Table 18 - Barleywines (12 Entries)        
Tim Caum North Wales,PA Thomas Hardy Clone 19B English Barleywine 1
David Barber* Kempton,PA English Barleywine 19B English Barleywine 2
George Hart Elkins Pafk,Pa Cry Baby Eng. Barleywine 19B English Barleywine 3
Table 19 - American Pales and Ambers (24 Entries)      
David Barber* Kempton,PA APA 6 10A American Pale 1
Nate Panek Ridley Park,Pa Tropicale Thunder 10A American Pale 2
Ryan Maple Waldwick,NJ East Coast Blaste 10B American Amber 3
Table 20 - Browns and Olds (20 Entries)        
Tim Caum North Wales,PA 232 Old Ale 19A Old Ale 1
Christopher Bowen* Bethlehem,PA Hammersmith Dark Horse 11C Northern English Brown 2
Elliot Van Someren Aidan,Pa El'S Brown Ale 10C American Brown 3
Table 21 - Belgian Strongs (35 Entries)        
Nate Walter Allentown,Pa Blonde Honey 18A Belgian Blond Ale 1
Tim Caum North Wales,PA 236 18E Belgian Dark Strong Ale 2
Nate Walter Allentown,Pa Simplification 18C Belgian Tripel 3
Table 22 - English Bitters (15 Entries)        
Dave Manning Berwyn,Pa English Pale Ale 8C Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA) 1
Tom Eagan Jersey City,NJ Booraem Ave Bitter 8A Ordinary Bitter 2
Joshua Bushey* Bethlehem,PA Bitter Just Like Al 8A Ordinary Bitter 3
Table 23 - Wood and Smoke (16 Entries)        
Tom Eagan Jersey City,NJ Oden Ave Olde Ale 22C Wood Aged Beer 1
Tom Sup/Chris Becker* Northampton,Pa Bourbon Barrel Doppelbock 22C Wood Aged Beer 2
Tom Sup/Chris Becker* Northampton,Pa Bourbon Barrel Icebock 22C Wood Aged Beer 3
Table 24 - Ciders and Perry (9 Entries)        
Tom Sup/Chris Becker* Northampton,Pa Apple Brandy Cider 28A New England Cider 1
Christopher Bowen* Bethlehem,PA CMX Afelwein 28C Applewine 2
David Barber* Kempton,PA New England Cider 1 28A New England Cider 3



Best of Show:

Bob Piano*


Sweet Sin



First Runner-up BOS

Wayne Maus*


Off Kilter Scotch Ale


Strong Scotch Ale

Second Runner-up BOS

Mark Kenesky

Blue Bell,PA

Waiting for the Wolves


American IPA


* Club Member


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