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Iron Brewer Challenge

The first round ingredient has been selected:  Mint!

The First Round was judged at the June Meeting.  There were 10 entries, the 5 best have advanced to the second round:

#1 - Martin Smith - Lime Mint Shandy

#2 - Chris Becker - Lemon Drop Pale Ale w/mint and lemon

#3 - Todd Houser - Vanilla Mint Cream Ale

#4 - Mel Homik - Mint Cucumber Lime Gose

#5 - Joe Bates/Zach Knapp/Alec Knecht - Creme de Menthe (Mint Cream Ale)

Congratulations to the winners!  The next round featured ingredient is....


Any variety, any style beer... The 3 best crafted beers featuring peppercorn(s) will move on to the final round!  Beers will be judged at the August Meeting.

The Second Round was judged at the August Meeting.  Of the 5 entrants, 3 advanced to the final round.

#1 - Joe Bates/Zach Knapp/Alec Knecht 

#2 - Martin Smith - Potato and Black Pepper

#3 - Todd Houser - Pink Peppercorn

Congratulations to the winners!  The next and final round featured ingredient is....


And our 2018 Iron Brewer is...

Martin Smith!!!

Martin beat out a Pancake & Bacon White Stout and a Sweet Bacon Red Ale with his Bacon Porter to become the first Lehigh Valley Homebrewers Iron Brewer! 


Congratulations to all participants!  We'll have to pick some harder ingredients in 2019!

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