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2020 Brewers Bracket Challenge

How we are probably running this contest (a.k.a. rules):

1. Initial match-ups were randomly selected

2. The beer styles are predetermined by the bracket organizers and randomly assigned to the pairings

3. Each pairing will bring a growler or at least 2 bottles to the monthly meeting as indicated by the bracket.

4. Club judges will determine which beer better represents the style and will advance to the next round.

5.  Bracket Winner(s) will have an opportunity to brew at Taylor House Brewing!

Round 1 details (Virtual Judging):

Participants will need to bottle or can their entries in time for a June 26th drop off (2 12oz bottles/cans required).  Virtual Judging will occur the weekend of June 27-28.  Results will be announced at the June Meeting.   Participants will be emailed the details of drop off locations.   Club officers will assist in making sure all the beer gets to the right locations and packaged properly, so please just ask for assistance if necessary!  

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