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Code of Conduct

Lehigh Valley Homebrewers Code of Conduct

Published: 11/27/2023

Updated: 11/27/2023



The Lehigh Valley Homebrewers exists to enjoy and promote the art of homebrewing and the appreciation of craft-brewed beer, cider, and mead among its members and participants and in the community at large and to provide its members and participants an opportunity to enjoy homebrewing and craft-brewed beer in a friendly and cooperative atmosphere. To effectively advance our mission, Lehigh Valley Homebrewers club members, participants, and their guests must set an example by acting with honesty and integrity, conducting themselves respectfully, embracing and encouraging everyone, including newcomers and homebrewers of all experience levels. Thank you for helping to make this a welcoming club for all by agreeing to abide by this code of conduct.



The Lehigh Valley Homebrewers are dedicated to fostering a community open to everyone regardless of age, education, race, sex, color, religion, national origin, disability, military status, marital/familial status, political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, creed, or ancestry. 


Harassment includes—but is not limited to—unwelcome conduct or offensive verbal comments related to the above; deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, unwelcome photography or recording, sustained disruption of meetings, other events, or online community spaces, inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome sexual attention, and sexualized images in public spaces. Similarly, encouraging others to engage in such behavior is not permitted, nor are false accusations of harassment.


The Lehigh Valley Homebrewers do not tolerate harassment of members, participants, or guests in any form. All communication, language, and imagery should be respectful, cordial, and inclusive, including but not limited to names and artwork for homebrew being served to the club or general public.


We expect all members, participants, and guests consuming alcohol to be of legal drinking age and for members, participants, and guests to demonstrate responsible alcohol consumption, including but not limited to preventing driving while impaired. We also support offering non-alcoholic beverages for those who want to contribute to the club community and culture but do not drink while doing so. 


Members, participants, and/or visitors violating these rules may be asked to leave and may be banned from participating in future club events and meetings at the sole discretion of the Lehigh Valley Homebrewers officers and representative club members. 


Any complaints should be sent to the club officers and board of directors using this Google form. All such complaints will be reviewed by the Lehigh Valley Homebrewers officers and board of directors, who will, in turn, determine an appropriate course of action.

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