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June 2022 Lehigh Valley Homebrewers Newsletter - Homebrew Con Edition!

As our club members return from the National Homebrewers Conference, we are excited as ever about the hobby with some great memories to share. Before we get into that, I just want to remind everyone that this Tuesday we'll be crossing the border for our monthly meeting and helping our members-gone-pro, Erin and Dave Anderson, get ready to celebrate Buttzville Brewing Company's one year anniversary.

The National Homebrew Conference was in Pittsburgh this past Thursday through Saturday and the mix of educational sessions, beer tourism, and homebrew sharing lived up to expectations. Our club attended sessions on Hop aromatic compounds, yeast selection impact on Munich Helles, balancing fruit additions, using enzymes in brewing and many more interesting sessions. We toured local breweries including Southern Tier, Sly Fox, Cinderworks, Dancing Gnome, and even visited some great beer bars. A few members even snuck out of the conference to catch an exciting went-to-extra-innings Pirates victory over the Cubs!

Club Night is always a main highlight of any NHC, and Pintsburgh did not disappoint. Decked out with a Lehigh Valley sports theme, the beer quality always is our highlight, with 9 beers on tap for the three hour event. Bill and Ryne's potato pale ale certainly raised curiosity levels! Our "Mr. Puttle" putting challenge and sports party favors kept the crowd entertained, and Joe would even "hold their beer" so they could putt!

Next year, NHC will be held in San Diego, one of the great beer destination cities... start making your plans to attend!

I also have an update on our Ukrainian Golden Ale collaboration with Yergey's Brewing. As you may have seen on social media, we raised $3000 to help with needed supplies in Ukraine via the Global Empowerment Mission. Thank you to everyone who participated in making the beer or supported the effort with a purchase of a pint or T-Shirt!

Additionally, earlier in June, the club poured at the Covered Bridge Festival and we recruited six festival goers to judge 13 beers we were offering as part of our Homebrewer of the Year challenge. Props to the volunteers who eagerly went from beer to beer, scoring each beer to their liking on a scoring sy