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November 2022 Lehigh Valley Homebrewers Newsletter

Greetings Brewers! The club officers are trying to finalize our planning for the rest of the year. It would be really helpful if you click on the following events and RSVP for each you plan on attending. Particularly for the Holiday Party, we need to get some idea on group size and how many would be interested in adding on a premium whiskey tasting at Red Stag. Please click the event for details.

1. RSVP here if you are entering the "Belgian" HBotY challenge (we need to know your beer style):

2. RSVP here if you plan on attending the Keystone event this weekend. (we need to know if you plan on serving beer; it doesn't have to be an HBotY entry.)

3. RSVP if you are able to attend the Holiday Party so we can get a headcount: