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April 2022 Lehigh Valley Homebrewers Newsletter

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Greetings Brewers!

Our monthly meeting will be at McCall Collective Brewing. Please note that this is a change of venue from when we first published the monthly meeting event.

There is still time to register for Homebrew Con which will be hosted in Pittsburgh this year. Please follow the forum topic and post your questions / ideas in that space. We've registered our club for "club night" so begin planning your brewing so you have a keg to share! Instructions for keg labeling and drop off will be posted shortly to the forum.

We are going to have a busy next couple of months! It all starts with a Big Brew of a Ukrainian Golden Ale, hosted by Yergey Brewing on May 7th. We'll be brewing in a section of the brewery's parking lot and all ingredients and hot water will be provided. After a 45 minute boil with a bittering hop addition, all wort will be combined to finish off the final hop and spice additions and fermented at the brewery. The beer will be served during Lehigh Valley Beer Week (with a complementary crowler for each home brewer) and we've designed t-shirts to commemorate the event and to raise money for Ukraine.

Back of shirt design

A special thanks and shout out to Ellen Kalinosky for her creativity designing the shirts!

After Big Brew, we have a serving opportunity at the biannual covered bridge festival on June 3rd, followed by Homebrew Con later in the month. In July, we'll be participating in the Barrel Brew Challenge hosted by Keystone Homebrew Supply.

August is another full month: Malt Madness, BJCP tasting exam, and Clam Jam!

With so much activity coming up, the officers have decided to pull back on the number of HBoTY competitions this year, with the first event being a "brewer's choice" for the Covered Bridge festival. You don't need to donate an entire keg to participate - a panel of judges will evaluate all entries during the festival, judging based solely on the tastiness of the entries (as opposed to style guidelines).

Finally, for homebrewers looking to advance their technical brewing knowledge, OSU Professor, Dr. Tom Shellhammer, will be offering a 6 week online course and in-person lab:


Online Course: May 16 - June 19, 2022

Onsite Lab: June 20 - 24, 2022 | Corvallis, Oregon

The weather is getting warmer, so it's a perfect time to brew, brew, and brew some more...

John Litak

LVHB Club President