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August Lehigh Valley Homebrewers Newsletter

Greetings Brewers!

Our next meeting will be held Tuesday, August 25th at 7:30 PM. Please RSVP here and we'll send you the Zoom link.


  • Announcements

  • Style Deep Dive: 29A: Fruit Beer

  • Style Deep Dive: 26D: Belgian Dark Strong

  • Education session: Panel Discussion: Brewing with Fruit

  • Style Deep Dive: 21A: American IPA

  • Style Deep Dive: 27: Historical Styles: Gose

For the Style Deep Dives, it will be helpful to have a sample of the style to taste alongside the description. We are suggesting three beers that use the same fruit, blood oranges:

Belgian Dark Strong: Fegley's Orange Black

American IPA: 21st Amendment Blood Orange Brew Free Or Die

Gose: Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose

The beers can be found at Tanczo's (Bethlehem) and other stores. Fegley's beer will have to be purchased directly from them. Larger supermarkets should also have these or options in these styles. If you can't get these specific beers look for other fruit forward beers.

Future Meeting Locations:

September 29th @ TBD

Meetings are open to anyone (21 and older) who home brews (beer, wine, mead) or is interested in learning about home brewing.  Our club has over 30 certified judges and several members who have "gone pro" by opening their own brewery, meadery, or distillery! - So bring your latest craft creation and get some constructive feedback and/or accolades!



Special Thanks

Thanks to Joe Kalinosky, Bryan Hoke, and Dave Barber for leading the educational session on brewing with oxygen and the style deep dives at the July Meeting! Joe's presentation is located here:

LVHB-2020-07_German Dark Lagers Deep Div
Download • 1.01MB

The Blow Off - Below are links shared by members during the last meeting. Relevant or not.

Beer History:

Prost! - Recommended Reading on German Beer History

Oxygen in Beer:

YouTube video showing closed transfer from a Fermzilla to a keg. That part starts at about 3:40

YouTube video from Genus Brewing about using asorbic acid as an antioxidant in your beer

Spunding Valve used to control pressurized transfers