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February 2021 Lehigh Valley Homebrewers Newsletter

Greetings Brewers! I hope everyone is staying warm and is safely dealing with the winter weather.. I'm positive your homebrew tasted extra delicious after spending a few hours removing snow from your driveways and sidewalks! To start, I'd like to thank our guests that joined us at our January meeting. Sam Masotto of Bonn Place joined in to give the pro-brewer's insight to one of our selected English Dark Milds, Nemo. Thanks Sam! Next, a special thanks to Megan Wabst of the American Homebrewers Association for updating us on the state of homebrewing and the activities of the AHA. I'd encourage all members to take advantage of the benefits of AHA membership (Discount Code: Club5Off) and remember to update your profiles to indicate your affiliation with our club! You can find a link to the presentations, including Sam's Nemo recipe below...

Speaking of memberships, it's time to renew our own with the club. Membership fees help pay the club's insurance premium as well as fund other club activities. Along with membership renewal, we're asking members to fill out a short survey so we can continue drive meeting agendas so they're relevant. We're also looking for some volunteers to help organize various club activities. Renewing Members click here (send us a note if you have issues accessing the page). New Members click here.

Also, I'd like to thank those that pointed out the Poured in PA documentary about the history and state of craft beer in Pennsylvania. After watching, you might just want to open your own brewery!

So, on to the rest of the newsletter and I hope to see you at the February Zoom Meeting!

John Litak

LVHB Club President

Future Meetings:

February 23rd - Zoom - RSVP Here Beer Homework:

  • Cream Ale: Bru Daddy's Oh, Jenny Jenny and/or Genesee Cream Ale

  • American Light Lager: McCall Collective Lyte Done Ryte and Yuengling Flight (or Miller Lite)

Meetings are open to anyone (21 and older) who home brews (beer, wine, cider, mead) or is interested in learning about home brewing.  Our club has over 30 certified judges and several members who have "gone pro" by opening their own brewery, meadery, or distillery! - So bring your latest craft creation and get some constructive feedback and/or accolades!


Meeting Minutes

January Meeting - Tuesday, 26 January

For our first meeting of 2021, we continued with our zoom virtual meetings. We had 26 Zoom participants. Our Agenda included:

  • Announcements and updates on club activities and competitions.

  • Style Deep Dives: English Dark Mild and English Brown Ales

  • Special Guest Presenter: Megan Wabst from AHA

  • Special Guest: Sam Masatto of Bonn Place Brewing

Here are the presentations from the meeting:

Style Deep Dive: English Dark Mild & English Brown Ale (includes Nemo recipe)

Download PPTX • 765KB